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Munich's public transport system, an integrated network of buses, trams and U- and S-Bahn trains , is good, though the fare and ticketing system, despite attempts at simplification, remains by far the most complicated in Germany. Prices vary according to how many zones are crossed: the city is divided up into a series of concentric circles, clearly displayed on the transport maps at any station, tram or bus stop.

The Munich MVV website ( has underground maps and, under the Pläne menu, maps of the Park&Ride car parks attached to U-bahn stations.
With over 200km of bike trails, one of the very best ways to explore the city is on a bicycle. Guided tours are available, or for the independent-minded, rentals and maps are available at the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and other areas of the city.
Bikes can also be rented by the Call-A-Bike system, which is run by Deutsche Bahn (national rail service). You need to call a number listed on the bikes from your mobile phone and register with the website in order to use the. The service is convenient, as you just spot an available bike throughout the city and just leave it at your destination. However, this is not an economical alternative, if you are planning many trips in a single day. In that case, it is better to get a day or multiday rental from one of the rental services located throughout central Munich

If you are intending to stay for a week or more, it may be worth investing in a travel pass , for which you'll need your passport and two photos. The most convenient office for buying this is the Hauptbahnhof's Zeitkartenstelle (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm), located in the hall opposite platforms 27-36. There are several other offices outside the Poccistrasse U-Bahn station (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm), and at the Ostbahnhof and various other S-Bahn stations. The cheapest pass, covering the city centre and most of Schwabing, costs DM16.50/?8.25 for a week or DM63/?31.50 for a month. For the whole city, a weekly pass is DM38.50/?19.25, its monthly equivalent DM146/?73; the charges rise to DM68.50/?34.25 and DM260/?130 respectively if you also want to cover neighbouring places on the network, such as Dachau and the Ammersee. Note that weekly passes are only valid from one Monday to the next, so buying mid-week means losing out. Similarly, monthly passes are for calendar months only.

A worthwhile supplement to a travel pass is the DM30/?15 Museum-Ticket , which gives free access to most of the city's museums and monuments over a fourteen-day period. This can be bought at any of the participating venues.

Tickets for city transport are available from ticket machines in all U-Bahn stations, at some bus and tram stops and inside trams. If you're going to be making several journeys in the course of your stay it's not worth buying single tickets. Better value is a strip ticket ( Streifenkarte ), costing DM16/8 for ten strips. You stamp two strips for every zone crossed except for journeys of up to four bus or tram stops or two S- or U-Bahn stops, when only one has to be cancelled. It's not necessary to cancel every strip: only the last needs to be punched. A child's strip ticket costs DM6.50/3.25 for five strips; only one strip needs to be cancelled per journey, regardless of its length.

Various day tickets are also available. The Single-Tageskarte for individual travellers costs DM9/4.50 for journeys within Munich, or DM18/9 for the city and S-Bahn region. These charges rise to DM14/7 and DM28/14 respectively for the Partner-Tageskarte , which covers two adults and up to three children (though this limit is waived in the case of verifiable offspring). An enticing variant of this is the München Welcome Card , which can be purchased at the tourist offices. In addition to covering all public transport costs within Munich, this gives reductions of up to fifty percent on the entrance fees to the main museums and monuments. The Single-Tageskarte version of this costs DM12/6 for one day, DM29/14.50 for three days, while the Partner-Tageskarte is available, in the latter version only, for DM42/21.

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Munich map
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