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Madrid transportation guide

For train information and reservations call 902 240 202 or 913 289 020. Tickets can be bought at the individual stations, at Aeropuerto de Barajas arrivals and at the city centre RENFE office, c/Alcalá 44 (tel 915 623 333; Métro: Banco de España; Mon-Fri 8am-8pm). All Madrid trains run through one or more of the two stations below. Chamartín , in the north, has the most services and includes through trains to Atocha . If you arrive at (or are leaving from) Chamartín, you can use a cercanía train to/from Atocha, or catch the metro. Some through trains also stop at the Recoletos and Nuevos Ministerios stations. Note that the high-speed AVE trains to Córdoba and Sevilla run from Atocha. These must be booked in advance, either in person at Atocha, at the RENFE office at c/Alcalá 44, or by phone 913 289 020.

Atocha Station (Métro: Atocha): Alcalá de Henares (every 20 mins; 30min); Algeciras (2 daily; 6-10hr); Almería (1-2 daily; 6hr 45min); Aranjuez (every 15/30min; 40min); Badajoz (4 daily; 5hr 40min-7hr); Cáceres (6 daily; 3hr 20min-5hr); Cádiz (2 daily; 5hr); Ciudad Real (20 daily; 50min-1hr); Córdoba (23-29 daily; 2hr 20min; 1hr 40min AVE); Cuenca (4 daily; 2hr 30min); Granada (2 daily; 6hr-8hr 45min); Huelva (1 daily; 4hr 30min); Huesca (1 daily; 5hr); Jaén (3 daily; 4hr 15min); Jerez (2 daily; 4hr 10min); Málaga (8 daily; 4hr 10min-6hr 50min); Mérida (5 daily; 4hr 20min-6hr); Sevilla (19 daily; 3hr 15min; 2hr 30min AVE); Toledo (9 daily, 1hr 15min); Valencia (12 daily; 3hr 30min). Plus most destinations in the south and west.
Chamartín (Métro: Chamartín): A Coruña (2 daily; 8hr 30min-10hr); Albacete (22 daily; 2hr-2hr 20min); Alicante (7 daily; 4hr); Ávila (24 daily; 1hr 20min-2hr 10min); Barcelona (7 daily; 6hr 30min-9hr); Bilbao (2-3 daily; 5hr 45min-8hr 45min); Burgos (7-8 daily; 3-4hr); Cartagena (4 daily; 5hr); Ferrol (1 daily; 11hr 30min); Gijón (3 daily, 6hr 30min-10hr); Guadalajara (every 30min; 1hr); León (7 daily; 4hr-4hr 30min); Lisbon (1 daily; 10hr); Lugo (1 daily; 9hr 30min); Oviedo (3 daily; 6-9hr); Pamplona (2 daily; 5hr); Paris (1 daily; 13hr 30min); Pontevedra (2 daily; 8hr 30min-10hr); Salamanca (3 daily; 2hr 40min); San Sebastián (3 daily; 6hr); Santander (3 daily; 5hr 30min); Santiago (2 daily; 7hr 15min-9hr 30min); Segovia (9 daily; 1hr 50min-2hr); Valladolid (17 daily, 2hr 30min); Vigo (2 daily; 7hr 50min-10hr); Vitoria (7 daily, 4hr 30 min-6hr 45min); Zamora (2 daily; 3hr-3hr 30min); Zaragoza (12 daily; 3hr-3hr 40min). Plus most other destinations in the northeast and northwest.

A bewildering number of companies operate buses from Madrid, each from their own garage or terminus. Many of the services, however, run through the Estación Sur de Autobuses (tel 914 684 200), to the south of Atocha on the circular #6 metro line. Note that companies and services change with great frequency and it's always worth checking schedules with the turismo or the Information line (tel 914 352 266).

Estación Sur de Autobuses , c/Méndez Álvaro s/n Métro: Méndez Álvaro: Albacete (11 daily; 3hr); Alicante (8 daily; 5hr); Almería (3 daily; 6hr 30min); Aranda (4 daily; 2hr); Ávila (8 daily, 1hr 30min); Barcelona (15 daily; 7hr 30min-8hr); Ciudad Real (2-4 daily; 3hr); Córdoba (7 daily; 4hr 30min); Gijón (15 daily; 5hr); Granada (12 daily; 5hr); Jaén (2-6 daily; 5hr); León (11 daily; 4hr 15min); Málaga (10 daily; 6hr); Marbella (10 daily; 6hr); Oviedo (15 daily; 5hr); Palencia (5 daily; 3hr); Pontevedra (3 daily; 7hr); Santiago (4 daily; 9hr); Sevilla (11 daily; 6hr); Toledo (every 15min; 1hr 15min); Valencia (12 daily; 4hr); Vallodolid (18 daily; 2hr 15min); Zaragoza (17 daily; 4hr); and international services to France and Portugal.
Auto-Res , Fernández Shaw 1 tel 915 517 200, ; Métro: Conde Casal: Badajoz (9 daily; 4hr 30min-5hr); Cáceres (7-10 daily; 3hr 50min-4hr 30min); Ciudad Rodrigo (1-2 daily; 3hr 40 min-4hr); Cuenca (10 daily; 2hr-2hr 30min); Mérida (10 daily; 4-5hr); Salamanca (24 daily; 2hr 15min-2hr 30min); Trujillo (10 daily; 4-5hr); Zamora (9 daily; 2hr 45min-3hr 15min).
Continental Auto , Avda. de América 9 tel 917 456 300; Métro: Avda. de América: Alcalá (every 15 min; 40min); Bilbao (10 daily; 4hr 30min); Burgos (9 daily; 2hr 45min); El Burgo de Osma (2 daily; 4hr); Guadalajara (15 daily; 1hr); Logroño (5 daily; 4hr 30min-5hr 30min); Pamplona (4 daily; 5-6hr); San Sebastián (9 daily; 6-8hr); Santander (7 daily; 5hr 45min); Soria (5 daily; 2hr 30min-3hr); Vitoria (8 daily, 5hr).
Herranz , Intercambiador de Autobuses de Moncloa tel 918 904 100, an underground terminal just above Metro Moncloa: El Escorial (approx. every 30min). Onward connections to El Valle de los Caídos.
La Sepulvedana , Paseo de la Florida 11 tel 915 304 800, www.lasepulvedana ; Métro: Pío: Ávila (8 daily; 1hr 30min); Segovia (31 daily; 1hr 15min).

Serving the city's population of some three million, the Madrid Metro is one of the most extensive and fastest-growing metro networks in the world. With the addition of a loop serving suburbs to Madrid's south-west "Metrosur", it is now the second largest metro system in Western Europe, second only to London's Underground. The province of Madrid is also served by an extensive commuter rail network called Cercanías.

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