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Restaurants in Munich

Munich has a wide selection of restaurants , and plenty of places offer good food at reasonable prices. As well as a good choice of ethnic eateries and several vegetarian specialists, there are many traditional Gaststätten which serve traditional Bavarian fare in a more intimate atmosphere than that of the beer halls.

Much of the city's social life revolves around its bars and café-bars. Beer , coffee and snacks are served in most places, and while the roll-call of "in" and "out" bars is ever-changing, the ones we've listed are of proven worth. Schickies hang out in Schwabing and hipsters head for Haidhausen , though things are pretty provincial in both areas. The city's bars suffer from limiting licensing laws (midnight closing at most places).

The beer cellar (Bierkeller) and beer garden (Biergarten) are Munich's most characteristic institutions. Generally speaking the former are roomy halls (rather than cellars); often standing in leafy gardens, they serve strong, heady beer produced in a local brewery, plus hearty traditional Bavarian food. Although a few have become tainted by excessive tourism, they remain an essential and unmissable feature of the city.

Predictably, Munich has played a pioneering role in the current craze for new Hausbrauereien, which represent a return to traditional methods by having a boutique brewery in or alongside the bar-restaurant where it is served, thereby ensuring the utmost freshness.

Braustübl der Forschungsbrauerei , Unterhachinger Str. 76, Altperlach. In a southeastern suburban setting with a garden, producing a fine dark beer, plus a Bock and a Pils . Reached by U-Bahn #8 or S-Bahn #2; closed Mon & mid-Oct to mid-March.
Flieger-Bräu , Sonnenstr. 2, Feldkirchen. In an eastern suburb, reached by S-Bahn #6, this is a sister establishment of the better-known Isar-Bräu.
Isar-Bräu , Kreuzeckstr. 23, Grosshesselohe. Located within the Grosshesselohe Isartalbahnhof on S-Bahn line #7, it makes a Weissbier and a dark Spezial , and also serves the products of its parent, the out-of-town Hofbräuhaus Traunstein.
Paulaner Bräuhaus , Kapuzinerplatz 5. Paulaner have opened this in the old Thomasbräu, whose name lives on in its non-alcoholic beer. Very trendy, particularly on Thurs, the day the new Weissbier is brewed.
Unionsbräu , Einsteinstr. 42, Haidhausen. The cellar has huge communal benches where you sit to sip the fine Helles made on the premises.

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