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Named after a superb frieze that depicts the struggle between the gods and the giants, the huge Pergamonmuseum contains fabulous treasures from Babylon, Greece and Asia Minor.

Berliners practically invented decadence in the 1920s, and it's still one of Europe's best places to party. To check out the Szene, start at MS Sansouci and ask around.

The squashed oval of the Tiergarten is a fun place to hang out, rent a boat or visit the justly famous zoo.

Potsdam and Sanssouci Palace
Potsdam is an unmissable day trip from the city centre: the glorious eighteenth century Sanssouci Palace of Frederick the Great is well restored, but the gardens form the chief delight.

Dahlem Museum Complex
A superb collection of Netherlandish painting and Medieval art, combined with first-rate ethnographic collections, make the Dahlem one of Germany's premier museums.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum
Today very little of the infamous Berlin Wall remains in site. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum tells the history of the Wall and the stories of those who tried to break through.

Refurbished by the British architect Sir Norman Foster, the Reichstag is now the seat of the German parliament. It's remembered as the place where Weimar democracy expired, and the building that the conceptual artist Christo covered in gauze.

Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is famous from grainy newsreels of Nazi parades and an icon of the Cold War divide. Take a taxi or bus through the Gate and absorb one of Berlin's most enduring symbols.

Alexanderplatz's TV Tower
In the centre of what was once the GDR, the soaring Alexanderplatz tower was once East Germany's finger to the West. Take the lift to the top for wide-angle views of the city.

Â¥ Loveparade - This formerly massive event no longer takes place. For a real mass event the Karneval der Kulturen is highly recommended -- not to mention more fun.
Â¥ Fuck/Hate Parade, The Fuckparade is at the same time as the Loveparade - With a big difference: The Fuckparade is political. The general motto of the Fuckparade is "against the destruction of the club scene". The other difference is the music played: underground club, goa, gabber, gothic...
Â¥ Hanf Parade. End of August. The Hanfparade is the biggest european political demonstration for the legalization of hemp for use as agriculture and stimulant.
Â¥ Christopher Street Day. The CSD is a well-known annual political demonstration for the rights of the gay culture organized in all major German cities. Even if you are indifferent about the issue, the Christopher Street Day is usually a worthwhile sight as many participants show up in wild costumes.
¥ F?te de la MusiqueÊ( In June. Everywhere in Berlin there is different music at this day, which coordinates with a similar one in several French cities.
¥ Karneval der KulturenÊ( In May. The idea of the "Carnival of Cultures" is a parade of the various ethnic groups of the city, showing traditional music, costumes and dances. Other - more modern/alternative/political - groups also participate. Similar events are also held in Hamburg and Frankfurt.

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